SPS Problem of the Month

Each month, the Longwood chapter of the Society of Physics Students sponsors a Problem of the Month. For October:

Consider a boat loaded with scrap iron in a swimming pool. If the iron is thrown overboard into the pool, will the water level at the edge of the pool rise, fall, or remain unchanged? You must explain your answer to be eligible for the prize.

Submit answers by 5:00 PM, October 31, 2007 to dunningrb@longwood.edu or drm814@longwood.edu. Only current Longwood students are eligible for the prize, but everyone is welcome to submit answers.


One response to “SPS Problem of the Month

  1. unchanged – the boat’s displacement will reduce when the iron is removed from the boat, however the iron’s own displacement will = this change. therefore making the net change in displacement 0, with no change in displacement the waterline will not alter.

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