Welcome Back!

Classes are off to a fast start at LU. Here’s what we’re offering this term:

  • PHYS 100, Physics for Educators, Michelle Parry
  • PHYS 101, General Physics I, John Skrobiszewski
  • PHYS 102, General Physics II, Chris Moore and John Skrobiszewski
  • PHYS 105, General Astronomy, Rodney Dunning
  • PHYS 202, University Physics II, Michelle Parry
  • PHYS 324, Thermodynamics, Chris Moore
  • PHYS 332, Electricity and Magnetism, Rodney Dunning
  • PHYS 400, Unifying Principles of Physics, Rodney Dunning, Chris Moore, and Michelle Parry
  • PHYS 401, Quantum Mechanics, Keith Rider
  • Various independent study and research projects

We are looking for TAs for General Astronomy! Astronomy lab meets Tuesday night. You need to be available from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The major responsibility involves helping set up and take down lab equipment, including the telescopes. Outside labs meet at the Farmville Airport. (Dr. Dunning can provide transportation.) You do not need any astronomy background. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Rodney Dunning at dunningrb@longwood.edu.

The SPS will start meeting soon! Check this space and MyLongwood for more information.


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