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Longwood’s First Physics Graduate: Lisa Hanmer Perdieu

Recently, Wayne Meshejian got in touch with Longwood University’s first physics graduate, Lisa Hanmer Perdieu. Lisa is Principle Engineer at the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Kansas City Plant, where she has worked since 1989.

Lisa Perdieu

Lisa received a BS degree in Physics, and Masters degree in Supervision from Longwood University. She has worked in the field of Thick-Film Hybrid Microelectronics for 28 years including 5 years with The General Electric Company (defense weapons), 4 years with Honeywell in Newport News, VA (automotive sensors) and 19 years with Honeywell in Kansas City (nuclear weapons). Lisa is currently involved in the development of high value multilayer film capacitors, in addition to providing the day-to-day engineering support necessary for the production of advanced radar development thick-film networks. Continue reading