Who We Are

Current Physics faculty at Longwood

Wayne Meshejian, email: meshejianwk@longwood.edu

Wayne Meshejian

Chuck Ross, Dean of the College of Arts and Science, email:  rosscd@longwood.edu

Chuck Ross

Michelle Parry, email: parryml@longwood.edu

Michelle Parry

Rodney Dunning, email: dunningrb@longwood.edu

Rodney Dunning

Chris Moore, email: moorejc@longwood.edu

link to department page 

John Skrobiszewski, email: skrobiszewskijl@longwood.edu

link to department page


One response to “Who We Are

  1. Herbert S. Wilcox

    I must apologize for sending this second message to the department. I always rationalize that the first message was never received and, of course, I am anxious to be of service to education. Among other careers I spent more than a decade as an adjunct in a community college. I have really studied Longwoods web site and I am impressed.

    I am a VERY retired engineer (83 years old) with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University and an MS in Industrial Engineering from Syracuse University. Obviously, I am not looking for a job.

    I still have relatively close ties with Bucknell University and their School of Engineering. In fact I have provided modest support for some Engineering projects and am a friend of the acting deanof the School of Engineering, Keith Buffinton. Bucknell has an excellent school of Engineering, but it is dealing with very sophisticated, and expensive, projects more on the graduate level.

    I have been long interested and involved in alternative energy, particularly the fundamentals of small scale wind energy capture and storage. Perhaps that is the domain of cranks and members of the Flat Earth society.

    By coincidence I learned that Dr. Finnegan is now the President of Longwood. I am a friend of, then, Brigadeir General Finnegan’s mother and did speak to him after a presentation he made at the Library of Congress a few years agoi. I am sure he doesn’t remember me. I have been looking at Longwood’s web site and feel that it has the type of curriculum and level of sophistication of which I can make some modest contribution in finance and experience and a sort of internet mentor.

    I won’t bother you with more at the moment but if you are interested to explore further just let me know and I will send you my resume and other material and potential projects that, I think, may intrigue second year engineering and or physics students.

    Thank you,

    Herbert S. Wilcox
    432 Royal Bonnet Ct.
    Ft. Myers, Fl 33908

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